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"Cats, both domestic and wild, reappear in my work alongside a young, female figure, unhinged by societal norms." 


Staffeld's quirky, faceless designs are meant to highlight softness and gentleness — yet bold and playful projections. She sets boundaries — then breaks away with colors and patterning. Born in the Dominican Republic, had an early upbringing in Barcelona, Spain, and later obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Denver, Colorado, where she had her first solo exhibition "Somewhere Nowhere" in Dateline, located at the RiNo Art District. The exhibition consisted of sculptures and paintings that depicted a  fragmented but colorful world.

Staffeld focuses on painting, digital drawing and sculpture. She works on repetition through her collectible  sculptures: Sphinx-like cats: Pusses, and voluptuous deity sculptures: Musas, all possessing their own individuality as portrayed  through their patterns and designs. Staffeld's characters also exist as NFT collectibles in OpenSea: "Hoomans of Somewhere Nowhere" a collection of characters from the place once again named: Somewhere Nowhere. A fragmented world of odd characters and blobby structures.


Influenced by semiotics, the soft, funky aspects of neotenic design and the development of technology, Staffeld has fabricated nostalgia by meshing these familiar and unfamiliar concepts that give her work a retro-futuristic essence.

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